rethink before implementing a feature

a bad habit i have is that i always rush when developing my projects. i felt like time is ticking faster when i do my works, thus that makes make me uncautious to small things to consider.

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the pull request i made on github

at first glance, i intended to fix an error on the site, glad it was on github, the problem was with it's http 404 not found page, for more information, you can find the pull request archive here. then an idea came into my mind, it was to add a new feature, a vim-like bindings, simply because the site was using gruvbox as a color scheme, plus it's design looks like a terminal, am i right? 🧐

it might be bad for the ecosystem. what i mean by that is, there's web browser extensions for such feature, like: vivium & vim vixen, and i myself is using it right now. with that known, the bindings should be the same, as they the extensions are also following vim bindings, thus could make things feel a bit clunky, bindings are being overwritten either by the extension or the site.

well, it's bad right? or is it? only if the bindings aren't getting overwritten.

don't think twice, just go for it.

while there is some bad affection, not all applications will get affected by independent feature. taken an example of vim-bindings, some applications have those integrated. because it is a standalone app, it shouldn't make any problem, e.g. vim-live-latex-preview, zathura, litemdview, etc.