Quick look at fiction characters

Here are all my loved models of "Characters" collection. Most of these will be chunky looking models from various shows, anime, video games, etc.

I like the use of staff-like weapons, bazooka (like Lady from DMC), ebony & ivory, dante's sword, and just generally heavy things.

RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis"

This is the only Gundam that I like the most. It has realistic machine-looking Gundam that resembles the old famous Gundam model. It is chunky.. that is why I like this model.

Heavy Mobile Gundam RX-78GP02A

This Gundam is built to have a field of weapons. And the most noticeable one is the Bazooka, it is a nuclear weapon. Altough the use of nuclear is forbidden, the Bazooka is fired once in the anime series.

Grock, Codename: Rhino

Grock (underdog Tank) from MLBB - Rhino EPIC Skin

This, I have not much to say. This character is from a mobile MOBA game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is very popular in Southeast Asia. I played this character because I honestly love it's aesthetics (and.. because I got this skin for free).

Meteonis Drytron

The best generic engine of a ritual deck currently in the game. Altough it is not that strong in the current META. Most importantly, Drytron as a deck is flexible.

Metenonis Drytron from Yu-Gi-Oh!

One of my favorite deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. These type of character is big, which is why I like. It is also a machine. This is just majestic, the blue color, the pose, everything about this deck is fire.